Registration and IDs

Before you look any further, we'd like to point out that there are no legal requirements for your service dog to have any form of ID, registration, vest, badge or anything other than your verbal assertion that you have a disability (no need to specify what) and that your companion is a Service Animal who provides you with assistance.

I.e., anyone asking is allowed only two questions:

1) Is this a service animal/dog?
    Your response would be "yes" but no details are needed.

2) What service does this animal/dog perform?
    Again, your response can be generic rather than specific.
    You do not have to identify your disability.

Now, with this disclaimer out of the way, the fact is that -- occasionally -- an ID card or ID badge can save wasting a lot of time on some functional idiot who doesn't understand the ADA, who doesn't really want to be educated and who is far more annoyance than he/she is worth. In such cases, whipping out an ID card or ID badge can greatly simplify your day.

Note: You will, however, still be required to keep your animal/dog on a leash or demonstratably under your control just as for any non-service animal. Besides, this is for your companion's protection, okay? There are occasions when an SD must be off-leash to carry out their tasks but the requirement of control remains. When in doubt ... use the leash.

You should remember, however, that these ID cards and badges have absolutely no legal validity ... nor do you need any. And the same is true for the US Service Dog Registry -- registration is free but it is not required and not legally recognized ... but can be "handy".

Service Dog IDs (free templates)

This site offers free templates for Medic, Handicapped or Generic Service Dog ID cards. Templates for both registered and unregistered IDs are free for download. Each card has space for the animal's and owner's names with emergency contact information on the verso as well as a brief synopsis of the ADA and a phone number to contact the ADA.

These templates can be adapted and modified to suit your requirements and, once printed, can be folded and then laminated. (Lamination costs can be as low as a dollar at many major office supply stores.)

Service Dog ID Card Generator

This site also offers free ID cards for Service Dogs as well as a discussion about the Pros and Cons of Service Dog IDs.

As with the templates (above) these cards can be laminated quite inexpensively.

Service Dog Tags

Offering both large (2) and small (3) Service Dog tags (with photo IDs, dog's name and owner's name) these laminated tags are quite attractive and reasonably priced.

Verso display brief explanations of the nature of an SD, relevant law, etc.


Caveat: Depending on local laws, in some areas there are service dog registries or special collar tags which may give your SD some additional protections above and beyond those guaranteed by the ADA. Check with your city or county authorities and/or animal control.