Rise And Fall Of Call Center Industry Of The Philippines

What made the call center industry of the Philippines successful? There are many factors as why the call center industry in the Philippines have grown so much that it became one of the largest and successful industries in the country. The Philippine government also called this industry as the Sunshine Industry of the Philippines because of its massive expansions in less than a decade.

What made the call center industry successful is because of its rapid growth in the market. Part of the reason for its rapid growth is because of the many Outsource Call Center agencies in the Philippines. Most of these outsourced companies are said to come from the US, which is one of the Philippine’s main partners in terms of outsourced services.

Call center in the past
In the past, the call center industry was known for is simplicity. It was first known as plain providers of email response and managing services. However, because of Filipino’s natural skills in the English language, as well as cheaper workforce compared to other countries such as in the US, a number of investors have chosen the Philippines as their base of outsourced services.

The height of call center industry
Eventually, the call center industry grew. And because of numerous Outsource Call Center agencies in the market, a number of new services was introduced in the market. Other than just email response or managing services, new call center services today included almost all types of customer relations, ranging from travel services, technical support, education, customer care, and financial services.

Other than customer relation services, a number of Outsource Call Center agencies around the Philippines have also introduced a number services which deals mostly with business-to-business services such as online business to customer support and online business to business support.

The fall of call center industry
However, because of recent events, particularly global recession, the call center industry of the Philippines have taken a major downturn, which resulted in many outsourced call center agencies to close down. Because of this, a wide-scale unemployment have happened all over the Philippines, not only among outsourced call center agencies, but all sorts of outsource businesses such as IT.

But not all outsourced companies closed down. A number of these, particularly the larger ones, still stood in the market. However, several changes have been made to hire only those competent enough to land the job. Several of these changes affected their requirements as well recruitment processes.

Call center industry of today
After global recession, the industry have started to pick up its pace. However, several changes during global recession remained including their recruitment processes and requirements. For more information visit to our site http://www.magellancallcenter.com/

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Save Time And Increase Your Profits By Using An Auto Responder

Emails are essential to your business. If you spend all your working hours answering these emails, how are you supposed to run your business?

If this is what is happened to you then it’s time to learn about Auto Responders.

There are a number of good reasons why you need an Auto Responder. Auto Responders are software programs that allow you to send scheduled messages that answer your emails.

They can be used if you need a way to send information about your business, services or products, or if there are repeated questions asked across large numbers of emails.

Auto Responders are often used as e-mail marketing tools, to immediately provide information to their prospective customers and then follow-up with them at preset time intervals. . With the auto responder you can you can put is a series of messages you want to send out and specify at what time intervals they are to be sent. The amount of messages you have save in your auto responder is up to you. You can also add more messages when ever you choose.

This is a good way to build lasting relationships with your automated sequence of personalized messages.

Another advantage is being able to send out broadcasts. You will have a big list of prospects and customers in your auto responder all at different stages of receiving your messages. You may have a new product you want to launch so you want to let everyone on your list know about it.

The best way is to send broadcasts which are a message that you want to send out to everyone on your list so that they all receive it at the same time.

Auto Responders can also be incorporated into electronic mailing list software, to confirm subscriptions, unsubscriptions, posts, and other list activities.

Using an online email Auto Responder system that automatically both sends your information AND follows up on a regular basis guarantees to save you time, money and can accelerates your profits.

Many experienced Internet business people say Auto Responders are the greatest marketing tool ever invented.

Perhaps the best thing about Auto Responders is that they require very little attention. You have free time for other tasks, family, or recreation while your Auto responders take care of business.

You can check out a good Auto Responder Here

Neils Andersen is an Internet Marketer who teaches others how to generating exclusive qualified leads, earn multiple streams of income and Market their business all for free.

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